Serverless PHP workshop

Learn how to create and deploy serverless PHP applications on AWS.

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Curious about what serverless has to offer? Come experience first-hand how to run modern and scalable applications more simply.

The 2-days workshop is intended for developers, ops or tech leads who want to deploy PHP applications simply, without sacrificing everything that makes a modern stack: zero-downtime deployments, scalability, high availability, security, cost-optimization…

The workshop mixes theory and practical exercises on your machine so that you leave the workshop ready to deploy in production on AWS.

Learn about

  • Serverless and AWS Lambda
  • PHP on Lambda using Bref
  • Adapting existing applications
  • Laravel/Symfony on Lambda
  • Local development
  • Scaling, performances and costs
  • Queue workers and microservices
  • Going to production

That includes CI/CD, logs, monitoring, caching, workers, CDN, AWS services such as RDS, SQS, SNS, EventBridge, S3, API Gateway, ALB, IAM, ACM, DynamoDB, CloudFront...


Participants are expected to have experience with PHP development, as well as basic knowledge of Git and the command line. No knowledge of AWS or serverless is required.

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The Serverless PHP workshop is the perfect opportunity to get started.

It gives us a very good overview of the technology, of the doors it can open for us and at the same time it provides us with a first conclusive experience.

Christophe Hautenne


I just successfully deployed my first Symfony app on Lambda using Bref.

With all the subnets, VPC, RDS and other AWS scary sounding thingies, and it seems to be working awesome :).

Definitely recommend Matthieu’s talk or workshop, it sure was helpful for me.

Radoje Albijanić

Software developer

LOVED the Bref workshop with Matthieu and here’s why:

1) Great introduction to AWS Lambda

2) Amazing introduction to actually going serverless with PHP

3) Perfect overview of what PHP is actually capable of! 10/10 and would surely attend again!

Mihailo Joksimovic

Software engineer

About the instructor

Matthieu Napoli is a software consultant at null who has been working on web applications for 10 years.

He started using serverless technologies in 2017 and has been working on Bref, the serverless PHP framework, since then. Serverless case studies can be found on his blog, as well as conference talks about serverless or application architecture.

Besides Bref, he is also involved in open source as the author of projects like PHP-DI and Silly, and contributor to PHP standards like PSR-11, 15 and 17.

What is Bref?

Bref is an open source project that provides tooling and documentation to create serverless PHP applications.

Bref on GitHub